All interventions in Parivar Seva are designed, planned and implemented, using a decentralized approach by a team of qualified, trained, highly skilled and motivated local teams. These teams spread over different parts of the country are based at unit/project offices and have in-depth knowledge of the territories, including local culture, customs and language, so that a sensitive subject like reproductive health is addressed effectively. They are supported by a multi-disciplinary, highly qualified experienced competent core management team, based in the New Delhi, called Support Office (and not Head Office).  They comprise professionals from project planning, operations, sales and marketing, community work, finance, human resource development, communications, education, training, research, MIS, legal, administration, monitoring and evaluation.pssteam

Total Team Members: 385

Managers Operations Medical Supervisors Medical Doctors Paramedics Managers Community Education & Promotion Educationist &
42 6 87 85 7 18
Community Promotion Team Support Staff Other Support Staff Administration Trainees  
69 20 44 4 3  

Key Members of Parivar Seva

President Medical Supervisors Team Finance  & Administration Team Human Resource  Team
Group Incharges – Clinics Team   CSMP Team Education and Training Team