Parivar Seva uses a wide variety of tools, media campaigns which include radio jingles, television, billboards, mobile vans or other media to reach a wide segment of a community.

We also offer individuals, especially young people, adolescents, anonymous access to valuable information and resources without having to go through others they may not trust (e.g. doctors, teachers, etc.)

Other innovative approaches that can be effective in reaching diverse audiences include: games, electronic technologies (mobile phones and computers), street theatre, nukkad natak, music and cultural activities.

Together, communication and social marketing campaigns are some of the most popular means that we are using for engaging society in primary prevention.

Some of our campaigns

The Khajuraho campaign was an effective means of bringing the sex element into Sawan condoms, simultaneously drawing from India’s historical and cultural ethos. The campaign was a big success.

An innovative concept is a Sawan style wallet with information on how to use a condom, protection from HIV/AIDS and different sex styles. It received a rare response from the market.

Radio jingles, Training of Trainers (TOT) manuals were used as a mass media campaign to generate awareness about safe migration in Doab region of Punjab.

To counter existing myths about the side effects of the pill, the multi-benefits of Ecroz were emphasised. Over a period of time, based on consumer feedback, the English word ‘multi-benefit’ was replaced with the Hindi phrase ‘Goli Ek, Fayde Anek’ in the ad campaign.