Interpersonal communication is an integral part of all Parivar Seva’s projects. Different teams working with the communities such as educationists, social marketing representatives and sales officers of Parivar Seva use interpersonal methods of communication on a regular basis. They often reach the community through its community leaders. Using the local languages in a culturally sensitive manner, they effectively convey different messages to the target community.This enables the Sanstha to also obtain a good and immediate feedback from the community and plan further interventions.

The objective is to generate measurable health impact through culturally appropriate behaviour change communications and by delivering affordable and accessible health products and services to the low-income and vulnerable population.

The significance is that the Sanstha can communicate to the policy-making levels of government, information about the lives, capabilities, attitudes and cultural characteristics of people at the local level. This way, communication is facilitated upward from people to the government and downward from the government to the people.